Energy efficiency capital planning

Mike Stopka had a project leadership role while Director of Sustainability at the University of Chicago

CLIENT: University of Chicago         DATE:  2015 - 2016          LOCATION:  Chicago, IL

PROJECT SCOPE:  Augmentation of University energy efficiency program and capital plan to strategize, identify and track performance of campus facility energy efficiency retrofits

DESCRIPTION:  While specific financial and energy performance is confidential, the project developed as follows:

  1. Cataloged and summarized all energy efficiency projects (over 200 total) executed on campus between 2009 - 2015
  2. Assessed aggregate effectiveness by examining approach to identifying projects, tracking performance data, energy savings, return on investment and budget accuracy
  3. Created a more organized and robust University Energy Efficiency Program and Capital Plan
  4. Formed new Energy Efficiency Committee to set project performance goals, tracking metrics and accountability workflows
  5. Created 2016 Capital Plan for energy efficiency projects using new program structure, which is on track for higher energy savings percent previous years

ROLE:  Financial and Energy Analysis, Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Project Management