It starts by thinking and talking about sustainability differently.

One reason sustainable solutions aren't more widespread, despite broad applicability, is because they're often advocated using ideology, responsibility and belief. This narrowly positions them as applicable to only those who are motivated by environmental issues or global concern, alienating a huge and critical audience. It short-circuits their real value as practical tools to solve ANY problem.

We see sustainable solutions simply for what they are, a means to an end. That end is driven by your goals, whether that’s a real-estate development seeking ecological design, a neighborhood trying to boost the local economy or a profitable company trying to better its bottom line. Drawing from change management and decision-making psychology, we reposition and communicate sustainable solutions to make their value self-evident to all, but business and executive perspectives in particular.

When we remove bias we open a broader conversation with more people, raise sustainability's appeal, increase its use and drive meaningful change that sticks, which is MISTs ultimate mission.

We zoom out and take a whole-systems view of your world.

Every project starts with learning your challenges, assets and desired future. We help you step back to view issues and potential outside of their silos. From this big picture viewpoint we identify strategic interventions, that span disciplines and silos, to better leverage existing assets, connect people and drive practical innovation. Whether it's a business' internal structure or an urban neighborhood we facilitate this process to create measurable (and profitable) value. For instance, collecting rainwater can lead to free energy for your building. Engaging employees in certain sustainable practices improves their job satisfaction and productivity, leading to company profitability. Our solutions take on different forms, often combining several in a single project: physical improvements, organizational structure changes, educational capacity building or strategic planning.

We understand the individual elements: people, products, natural resources, education, materials, behavior, transportation, health that comprise the complex environment that is a company, building or campus. More importantly, we understand how these diverse elements are a uniquely interconnected ecosystem. Our interventions leverage those connections to your benefit and provide useable metrics to track progress over time. 

We learn from nature

Healthy natural ecosystems have an innate and seemingly automatic ability to reach a sustainable state that allow them to not only survive, but thrive indefinitely. At MIST, we see a very practical value in learning from this. Nature's beauty and presence in the built environment drives quantifiable health and productivity in people and profitability in companies. In addition, learning from how nature works efficiently: applying its logic and sensibility can dramatically improve measurable value in the man-made, whether that’s a business structure, a product or a campus.