Leveraging Energy Data

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CLIENT: University of Chicago               DATE: 2016

PROJECT SCOPE: 6 hour events for bringing students, faculty and staff together to "hack" campus electricity usage data to find energy efficiency opportunities

DESCRIPTION: Working with UChicago Facilities Services a database of campus electricity use was created for over 140 buildings. The whole database was turned over to students from Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Studies and other majors, who were mentored by faculty, researchers and operations staff. In a relaxed, fun environment students, fueled by lots of snacks, worked in inter-disciplinary teams to study and identify electricity use anomalies in the data. Considered a highly successful event that engaged a variety of campus communities, real energy efficiency opportunities were identified and future hackathons are planned.

SERVICES PERFORMED: Advising, Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Education, Project Management

RESULTS: Campus electricity database created, energy use anomalies in buildings identified leading to efficiency adjustments, ongoing research projects generated

PARTNERS: Computation Institute, UChicago Departments: Office of the Provost, Geophysical Sciences, Facilities Services

PUBLICITY: Late Night Hack Digs into Energy