property management sustainability leadership

CLIENT: (Confidential) Major Chicago Office Building         DATE: 2018 - present          LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois

MIST SCOPE: On-call advising, ongoing sustainability project management, annual capital and operations budget planning support  

DESCRIPTION:  This three million square foot commercial office building had already taken steps to reduce energy use. MIST was engaged to help drive further improvements in energy, water and waste reduction, while creating a robust tenant engagement program and improving the health and wellness of interior spaces. The goal of the property management team was to create a culture of sustainability to engage current and prospective tenants. MIST performed a sustainability audit of the current state, led a goal setting process for the next 3 years and identified realistic improvement projects (with budget and timeline estimates) and stays engaged as an on-call advisor. 

MIST ROLE:  Represent property management / ownership sustainability interests

PARTNERS: Delta Institute

Sustainability Improvement Projects Scored & Ranked According to Alignment with Building Priorities

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