Completed by Mike Stopka while Director of Sustainability at SCB.  Images courtesy of SCB

CLIENT: Oberlin College         

DATE:  2012 - 2015          

LOCATION:  Oberlin, OH

PROJECT SCOPE:  Won invited competition to design a net-zero energy and carbon hotel, the first building in Oberlin's Green Arts District

DESCRIPTION:   The Green Arts District (GAD) consists of a city block in downtown Oberlin which the College is seeking to make a net-zero energy, water and carbon district. The Gateway Hotel is the first structure being built in the GAD. It had the responsibility help develop the vision and set the tone for the GAD and as such, set extremely lofty goals. Some of the remarkable features designed were a living machine to organically treat black water onsite, interactive signals alerting occupants how to sustainably interact with the building and radiant heating / cooling in hotel rooms, the first such installation in the US. LEED Platinum approval is pending.

ROLE:  Concept Design, Strategic Plan, Project Management, Facilitation, Communication Support, Research, Analysis, LEED Consulting

PARTNERS: Smart Hotels, Transsolar, KJWW, Halvorson and Partners, Gettys

PUBLICITY:  NY Times Article,  Inhabitat.com