sustainable Real-estate development Support

CLIENT: Major University         DATE: 2016          LOCATION: California

PROJECT SCOPE: Authored innovative approach to sustainability requirements in a Request for Proposal (RFP) issued to design and construction teams to competitively bid on delivering a new multi-building neighborhood on a major University campus. Incentivizes increased health, comfort and high-performance design without increasing first-cost budget.

DESCRIPTION:  An opportunity exists to create more vibrant high-performance communities by reconsidering how real estate developers define sustainability incentives and requirements in their pre-project RFPs. The key is nudging architects and contractors to increase sustainable design and construction strategies before putting pencil to paper. MIST, working in partnership with a major planning firm and a major University, wrote an RFP for a new multi-building neighborhood issued to design and construction bidders, to thoroughly and clearly define only the most valuable environmental, social and economic sustainable performance requirements, including measurable goals and metrics to judge success of submissions. On past projects, this same approach led to higher-performance (lower operating costs) RFP submissions from bidding project teams that still came in on first-cost budget. In addition to cost savings, sustainable features are strategically selected to raise the opinion, happiness and overall satisfaction of residents.  Seeing the value in this new approach, the US Department of Energy funded a program, which is currently active, to help other building developers and owners perform a similar process. Learn more.

ROLE:  Defined strategy, wrote RFP sustainability requirements and incentives

PARTNERS: Major Architecture & Planning Firm