funding Real-estate development

CLIENT: Seventhwave         DATE: 2018          LOCATION: National

MIST SCOPE: Support services to help Seventhwave restructure and administer the Accelerate Performance funding program

DESCRIPTION:  Delivering buildings that use fewer natural resources and buoy health, productivity and happiness are imperative for real estate developers, as codes, stakeholders and tenants increasingly demand it. Doing this on time and budget, requires developers quantify and technically document sustainability performance targets PRIOR to engaging a design / construction team. Many development firms don't have time, capacity or internal skillsets required, leading to missed opportunity. To address, the US Department of Energy and utilities fund Seventhwave to administer the Accelerate Performance (AP) program, giving internal support to real estate developers throughout the project. AP is designed to:

  • Remove developer job burden by boosting internal sustainability capacity and personnel in their firms 
  • Reduce developer risk and budget uncertainty around sustainable building performance
  • Enable high-performance beautiful design to meet demanding expectations
  • Drive competition for bidding project teams to deliver deeper sustainability for same budget / schedule

Accelerate Performance delivers these results by funding:

  • Rebates for energy use reduction
  • Project management support: No-cost advising, facilitation, leadership
  • Technical support: Request for Proposal writing, energy models, cost-benefit analysis

MIST ROLE:  Market research, restructure program materials and adjust AP requirements to improve value proposition for potential clients, driving uptake and buy-in.

PARTNERS: Indirectly, US Department of Energy, Commonwealth Edison