Given the broad nature of our work, services and deliverables are flexible and wide-ranging. Contact us to discuss these services or possible alternatives.

Advising and Thought Leadership

We counsel clients and recommend approaches, from simple to radical, on our areas of expertise to drive advanced sustainable concepts, enable informed decisions, solve problems and coach those involved to build knowledge capacity.


We meet people wherever they are in the learning process and provide clear materials to expand their knowledge. Whether collaborating with academic institutions on a curriculum or creating simple best-practice presentations, we use mixed forms of communication to effectively engage and enable learning.

Communication Support

We craft the sustainable story by breaking down ideas and complex concepts into easily understandable written, verbal and graphic forms used in project deliverables, promotional materials or presented to decision-makers.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

By negotiating diverse constituents we set consensus-based goals early in the project process. We define a vision, understandable principles, an organizing framework, actions to reach objectives and metrics to track progress.

Research and Analysis

When a topic requires deeper inquiry, we investigate, conduct a high-level analysis of the options, document findings and make project-specific recommendations.

Design Support

We guide the project team to develop sustainable concepts into a detailed design that's ready to be implemented.

Project Management

Tactically lead and execute portions of architecture, planning, research or academic projects that need a sustainability expertise.


We can deliver each item below standalone, but our most valuable role is acting as a “glue” between multiple items to draw a common thread and deliver a well-rounded project.

  • Facilitated Meetings & Workshops
  • Strategic Plans & Frameworks
  • Strategy & Brainstorming Sessions 
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Sustainability Metrics & Guidelines
  • Design Concept Narratives
  • Presentations
  • Teaching & Educational Materials
  • Strategic Communications
  • Diagrams & Data Visualizations
  • Gap & Feasibility Analysis
  • Drawing, Spec & Peer Reviews
  • Implementation Plans
  • Research Reports
  • Real Estate Development RFPs

Clients often use our services to support three key areas:

  1. Sustainably develop, design, construct, operate or manage existing or new facilities, campuses or real-estate portfolios
  2. Strengthen research, academic and teaching curricula or initiatives, particularly those with an inter-disciplinary nature
  3. Facilitate a strategic sustainability planning process, vision, goals or educational approach for their company or projects

See a breakdown of services by client sector