smart stormwater quadrangle

Work completed by Mike Stopka while Director of Sustainability at the University of Chicago. Images courtesy of the University of Chicago

CLIENT: University of Chicago        DATE:  2015          LOCATION:  Chicago, IL

PROJECT SCOPE:  New science campus quadrangle with smart stormwater collection and reuse system  

DESCRIPTION:  A 150,000 gallon water storage tank that is the first stormwater retention system of its kind in Chicago. It is intelligently equipped to handle both stormwater protection and rainwater harvesting. When a storm is forecasted, the valve opens to drain a calculated volume from the tank, freeing storage space to capture the pending rain event. The valve closes before it begins to rain, and remains closed for the duration of the storm. Once the storm has passed, the tank holds the harvested rainwater and uses it to irrigate landscape features of the Quad. Data is collected and available via a web-based software tracking system.

ROLE:  Secured Funding, Advising, Wrote Sustainability Requirements for Design and Construction

PUBLICITY:  Microsoft Chicago Blog