torstenson Youth Center master plan

Completed by Mike Stopka while Director of Sustainability at SCB


CLIENT: Illinois Conservation Foundation         DATE: 2014          LOCATION: Pecatonica, IL

PROJECT SCOPE: Conduct a visioning retreat, design a strategic master plan, fundraising plan and communication materials for 750 acre Torstenson Youth Education Center

DESCRIPTION:  Torstenson Center is located in northwestern Illinois. The site’s 750 acre classroom offers diverse habitats and amenities that facilitate sustainable education, recreational activities, ecological and agricultural research. Run by the Illinois Conservation Foundation and supported by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the center's mission is to to cultivate future environmental stewards and foster responsible youth engagement with the natural environment. They saw a need to improve their strategic plan, development plan for the property and a deeper engagement with the academic community. A series of workshops led to a new strategic plan and fundraising materials.

ROLE: Strategic Plan, Facilitation, Communication Support

PARTNERS: Illinois Department of Natural Resources