Completed by Mike Stopka while Director of Sustainability at SCB.  Images courtesy of SCB.

CLIENT: US Department of Energy         DATE:  2010-2012          LOCATION:  Chicago, IL

PROJECT SCOPE:  $450,000 grant to craft a model process to radically improve the energy efficiency of existing academic buildings

DESCRIPTION:   We spearheaded a varied project team. Typically, innovative energy reduction strategies primarily occur in the design of new, but not existing buildings. The team was charged with devising a replicable process to achieve deep energy savings in the latter.  We conducted a detailed analysis of Dumbach Hall, a 100 year old inefficient building on Loyola’s campus, as the subject of our study. Emphasis was placed on measuring actual building performance, as opposed to predicted performance via energy modeling, to be sure the proposed energy saving strategies could be implemented with success.

ROLE:  Strategic Plan, Project Management, Facilitation, Communication Support, Research

PARTNERS: Argonne National Laboratory, Loyola University Chicago, Elara Engineering


  • Creation of a “How To Guide” so others could perform the same process on their buildings
  • A report identifying cost effective strategies that reduced the energy use of Dumbach Hall by 51%