Everything we do revolves around solving problems and designing futures using sustainable strategies simply as powerful, but practical tools to achieve ANY goal. Sustainability is a byproduct, not a reason.



Founded: 2016

Location: Chicago, IL

Primary Work Area: Midwest






One reason sustainable solutions aren't more widespread, despite broad applicability, is because they're often advocated using ideology, responsibility and belief. This narrowly positions them as applicable to only those who are motivated by environmental issues or global concern, alienating a huge and critical audience. It short-circuits their real value as practical tools to solve ANY problem.

We see sustainable solutions simply for what they are, a means to an end. That end is driven by your goals, whether that’s a real-estate development seeking ecological design, a neighborhood trying to boost the local economy or a profitable company trying to better its bottom line. Drawing from change management and decision-making psychology, we reposition and communicate sustainable solutions to make their value self-evident to all, but business and executive perspectives in particular.

When we remove bias we open a broader conversation with more people, raise sustainability's appeal, increase its use and drive meaningful change that sticks, which is MISTs ultimate mission.

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About Our Founder

MIST was founded by Mike Stopka AIA, LEED BD+C. With 18 years experience in design, development, operations, research and education, he's led and implemented over 75 diverse projects with broad range of clients. In addition to MIST, he holds a strategic position at non-profit Delta Institute. Previously, he was Director of Sustainability at the University of Chicago and founded the sustainability department at the design firm, SCB. Mike’s education includes architecture (Illinois, Clemson) and business leadership (UChicago Booth). He serves on the Illinois Green (formerly USGBC-IL) Board of Directors and advises industry, institutional and civic groups, but his favorite pastime is fishing with his wife and 3 daughters..  View Mike’s full background.

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