Everything we do revolves around solving problems and designing futures using sustainable strategies simply as powerful, but practical tools to achieve ANY goal. Sustainability is a byproduct, not a reason.


MIST is a Chicago-based consultancy blending strategy, metrics, education and design.

We define sustainable solutions as those which promote a balanced growth of capital: financial, social, human and environmental. This leads to organizations, places and people which are vibrant, healthy and viable (literally sustainable) for the long-term. MIST reframes your world through this lens to shine a light on existing and new win-win opportunities for innovation that appeal to the bottom line. Explore our projects and research.

1. We help organizations and institutions understand how to leverage their internal teams and existing resources for long-term sustainable outcomes

2. We help practitioners and developers, from the product to neighborhood scale, identify the most valuable interventions for their built environment projects

3. We create educational programs and strategic plans to focus priorities and build capacity in people to meaningfully engage with the places they inhabit

About Our Founder

MIST was founded by Mike Stopka AIA, LEED BD+C. Most recently Mike was the Director of Sustainability at the University of Chicago and founder of the Sustainability Department at SCB, a large international design firm.  With 17 years experience in sustainable strategy, development, design, operations, research and education, he has successfully led and implemented over 75 diverse projects with broad range of clients.  View Mike’s full background.

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