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Design Practitioners, Engineers and Contractors:

From pre-design vision creation thru operations, from products to campuses and all scales in-between, we facilitate a sustainability exploration process that challenges and leads the team. We build consensus to focus diverse priorities into clear, quantifiable and manageable objectives. Feature Project: Oberlin Green Arts District Gateway

Real Estate Developers:

Support upcoming development projects as the owner's sustainability expert by writing cost-effective building performance requirements into RFPs, exploring funding opportunities, creating a sustainable project vision and communication strategies to effectively engage future occupants. Feature Project: US Department of Energy Developer RFP Funding

Building Owners, Operators and Managers:

By assessing current sustainability approaches, from portfolio-wide strategy to single buildings, we identify ways to reduce costs, improve marketability and occupant satisfaction. We represent the owner and prioritize actions that are most valuable and achievable. Feature Project: Facility Sustainability Standards

Academic and Research Institutions: 

Teach, support class / curriculum development and create educational materials related to our areas of expertise.  We facilitate and manage research and educational initiatives, particularly those with an inter-disciplinary component. Feature Project: Campus as a Laboratory.