Food, zero-waste & athletics

CLIENT:  University of Chicago               DATE:  2016

PROJECT SCOPE:  Strategic initiative leading to academic courses, a responsible food & zero-waste athletics pilot event and sustainability guidelines for athletic facilities / events

DESCRIPTION:  The Department of Athletics and Recreation and the Environmental Studies Program launched an initiative to enhance the environmental sustainability of the campus athletics program. Through a series of experiential learning courses, students researched the behavioral and operational aspects of energy use, water use, food and waste management and develop recommendations for reducing the environmental impact of athletic events and operations. Students, faculty, facilities staff, University administration, and external partners collaborated to implement the recommendations. The year-long project culminated at the zero-waste Track and Field Conference Championship Meet in spring 2017, for which students designed and led the event to measure greenhouse gas mitigation and waste diversion.

SERVICES PERFORMED:  Advising, Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Education, Project Management

PARTNERS: UChicago Departments: Office of the Provost, Athletics and Recreation, Environmental Studies, EAF Group. Seven Generations Ahead

PUBLICITY: White House Press Release (3rd bullet from bottom)